BIOMIM Nickel Light

Ensuring full control, torque is built into the base of each
bracket and anatomically contoured (mesial-distal/occlusalgingival)
for accurate placement on each tooth. brackets are
engineered with precise angulation, placing the long axis of
the root distal to the occlusal portion of the crown, allowing
all roots to align parallel. The anatomically contoured design
allows precise bracket placement with all slots aligning at the
end of the treatment. The upper centrals and laterals incline in
a “plus” torque reading encouraging ideal contact point lineup
and enhanced occlusion stability. each bracket has optimum
control to allow teeth to be free of rotations.

Nickel-Light (17-4 PH) composition %:

Carbon (0,07 max.)
Manganese (1,00 max.)
Phosphorus (0,040 max.)
Sulfur (0,030 max.)
Silicon (1,00 max.)
Chromium (15,00–17,50)
Nickel (3,00–5,00)
Copper (3,00–5,00)
Columbium plus Tantalum (0,15–0,45)