The patent pending Pitts 21 system progressively varies the slot from
square in the anterior to rectangular in the posterior portion of the
arch. This provides exceptional control of the anterior teeth while
allowing for increased freedom of movement on the posterior teeth.

  • First and only self-ligating system that provides 3D control earlier and throughout treatment.
  • Revolutionary square wire finishing uses 30-40% lighter forces* with greater control, comfort, and sliding mechanics.
  • Progressive slot provides an intelligent balance of control and freedom of movement.
  • Predictable finishes in as few as 4 wires.

Pitts21 movie

On the social six, Pitts 21 catches a couple 64%sooner than a rectangular system, while also
reducing play by 70%. All with 30-40% lighter forces, providing you with precise, comfortable
3D control earlier and throughout treatment.