As the newest addition to the Pitts21 family, the Clear21 system is designed to deliver consistent results using revolutionary aesthetic self-ligating bracket technology. Add in the patented Pitts “progressive” square slot technology, the Clear21 provides early and precise 3D control, giving you the tools you need to finish with the best, and designed to deliver stunning smiles in significantly shorter treatment time.

Designed to Reduce Treatment Time
First and only aesthetic self-ligating system that
provides 3D control earlier and throughout treatment.
Latest in Technology

Revolutionary Pitts .020 x .020 square wire
finishing uses 30-40% lighter forces* with greater
control, comfort, and sliding mechanics, with a
reliable mechanism.

Stunning Smiles
Progressive slot provides an intelligent balance of
control and freedom of movement for effective
sliding mechanics and outstanding finishing.

Control and Finishing
Predictable finishes in as few as 4 wires.